ANNEX II Terminal Server Experiences?
31 Aug 88 14:46:00 GMT

From: "Alan S. Watt" <watt-alan>

I just received a technical blurb on the "ANNEX II" terminal server
by Encore Computer Corp. What is especially interesting about it
is you can configure any number of the ports for SL/IP. The blurb
doesn't mention whether it does proxy ARP, but does say it has
"Full support of 4.3 bsd TCP/IP including Subnets", and "Complete
implementaiton of IP routing".

        Does anyone out there have any experience using this machine
        with SL/IP, and if so would they share them, either by
        follow-up or E-mail?

Thanks in advance.

        - Alan S. Watt
          High Speed Networking, Science and Engineering Computing Facility
          Dunham 232; (203) 432-4243,4007

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