Re: Test suite for IP based systems

Judy Messing (messing@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Wed, 31 Aug 88 10:14:05 EDT

The DCA Upper Level Test System, the DCA system referred to by Dan Lynch, is
available through NTIS (National Technical Information Service). It does not
require any tuning of your protocol implementation. It does however
require simple application programs (specifications for which are also
available from NTIS) which act as the upper level user of your protocol.
The Test System refers to this programs as remote drivers. Currently,
the Test System runs using Ultrix 1.1. I believe DCA has plans to port
the system to other operating systems.

We developed this system for DCA and often used the test suites in regression
testing as we tried to ensure that adding new capabilities did not break
things that formerly worked. If you have further questions, I'll be glad
to answer them.

Judy Messing

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