Telnet Options Commonly Supported (
30 Aug 88 22:36:03 GMT

        I am trying to find a list of the most commonly supported
Telnet options that would be useful for a terminal server or other
implementation to support on the Internet. I am not interested in
MILnet specific options, unless they are likely to be adopted in the

        Is this list reasonably complete and well defined?

        Original rfc854 characters supported:
        interrupt (^C)
        abort (^C, ^X?)
        hello (Are You There?)
        erase character (<BS> or <DEL>)
        erase line (^U)
        new line character(s) (<CR><LF> or <CR>)
        bell (^G)
        tab, vt, lf, ff

        Commonly supported options:
        binary mode
        echo control (remote and local, mostly remote)
        suppress Go Ahead (not needed for ansi-style terminals)
        status (confirm status of telnet options)
        terminal type character string
        telnet 3270 data streams (tn3270)

        I have glanced over rfc1053 and the X.3 terminal handling and
transmission control parameters look quite interesting, but I suspect
it's too early to expect anyone to have any implementations of this.
        Have I omitted any widely supported options or included any
widely unsupported options in the above list?
        Is there a document that goes into more detail summarizing the
state of telnet options as of a recent date?

        Kent England, Boston University

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