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30 Aug 88 16:15:44 GMT

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>PADLIPSKY@A.ISI.EDU (Michael Padlipsky) writes:
>I'd be delighted to accept a case which held that the protocol sub-suite
>consisting of TCP-or-UDP-over-IP is a more appropriate realization of
>stated "OSI" "Reference Model" principles than is the protocol sub-suite
>consisting of X.25-and-X.75

Seems to me this argument of "OSI implies X.25 and X.75" is a little
obsolete. In the US, I don't expect to have to run OSI protocols over
virtual circuit networks, but rather that future OSI-IP internetworks
will be "equivalent" to the Internet, that is, a connectionless,
datagram network. In fact, I am looking forward to running OSI
applications, like directory service, on top of tcp/ip protocols.

Of course, in Europe (except UK) the situation is different.

        Kent England, Boston University

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