TCP/IP for HP 3000/935 and associated questions

Ahola Jari (mcvax!enea!tut!
29 Aug 88 17:57:35 GMT

Hello there,

        I'd like to hear comments from those of you who are familiar
        with the software (hardware?) from the Wollongong Group for
        the HP 3000 series, if such a thing even exists. The problem
        is that we should connect tens of HP's Vectra series PCs, a Sun
        workstation to serve the PCs and then the problem: we should also
        get the 3000/935 from HP connected to this mess (preferably via Sun).

        Question: Has the Wollongong group anything to offer (or some other
        party) to provide the following services between Sun/HP 3000 ?

        Regular TCP/IP services
        Access to HP's application software (databases etc) using TCP/IP
        Other Goodies

        Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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