CMU TCP/IP problem?

Markku Savela (mcvax!enea!tut!santra!clinet!
26 Aug 88 20:27:00 GMT

    This question would belong to some CMU TCP/IP mailing list,
but I cannot subscribe (I have to pay for received private mail).

    We have a CMU TCP/IP version 6.2 on VMS (micro VAX). There seems
to be something wrong in closing FTP file transfer connections. They
seem seem hang around in some WAIT-state for several seconds after
the transfer is completed.

    This causes problems with MSEND/MPUT -commands, if there are
several short files. IP ACP runs out of connections after 20 or
30 files...

    Perhaps I should order the next version 6.3? Or is this a
serious case of RTFM?. Being no wizard on TCP/IP, I installed
the package almost with all defaults...

    Another minor inconvenience is, that it looks like I couldn't
FTP files from VMS, unless user has directly access rights to the
files. If access rights are given through ACL's, CMU TCP/IP does
not seem to notice and refuses the transfer (specifically: user
has been granted an "access identifier" and files have a specific
ACL entry for this identifier giving access to the owners).
Another case of RTFM? :-)
Markku Savela,

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