In search of resolver for EXCELAN under XENIX and/or DOS...

Scott W. Rogers (
Mon, 29 Aug 88 22:25:29 edt

In search of a Domain Name Resolver for EXCELAN TCP/IP 8/29/88
I am in search of a domain name resolver (source preferred, binary ok)
for the Excelan TCP/IP under XENIX (8011-04) and/or for Excelan TCP/IP
for DOS (8051 or something like that). A name Server would also be
necessary, but not required as we have a SUN and a VAX running named.

Excelan TCP/IP (for DOS and XENIX) is based on 4.1BSD sockets (yeach).
If anyone has or knows of any ports for Excelan TCP/IP, please let me
know directly via E-MAIL at "". I WILL summarize
to the net.

Thanks in advance,
Scott W. Rogers Computer Sciences Corporation - Systems Division
AT&T: (703) 876-1363 3160 Fairview Park Dr. - Falls Church, VA 22152
Fax: (703) 876-4072 Internet: scottr@csc-lons.ARPA

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