Re: Interlan drops a byte?

Casey Leedom ((no email))
28 Aug 88 23:00:52 GMT

In article <15566@shemp.CS.UCLA.EDU> ( I write:
> Well, I think you're going to have an enormous amount of difficulty
> trying to use if_de.c with your Interlan. Why don't you try if_il.c?
> And as someone mentioned earlier, you should grab the latest copy of that
> driver since there were some significant bugs in the copy distributed
> with 4.3BSD.

> From: Chris Torek <>
> Apparently Interlan makes a DEUNA-style board. Also, the major bugs
> were in if_np.c, not if_il.c ...

  Opps! I should know better too. Thanks for the correction.


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