Re: Interlan drops a byte?

Fletcher Mattox (!
27 Aug 88 22:32:15 GMT

In article <> > pierre@imag.UUCP (Pierre LAFORGUE) writes:
>In article <> (Fletcher Mattox) writes:
>>Has anybody else seen a 4.3BSD VAX with an Interlan Ethernet interface
>>drop a byte of data? Well, that's what we're seeing.
>>For example, if you
>> % rsh remotehost cat 183_byte_file
>>and the remotehost is a 4.3/Interlan host, the rsh will fail.

>Your report is not very accurate;

Well, no. The report is quite accurate. Maybe it's not as complete
as it could have been, though. :-)

        card: Interlan BD-N11010, rev C, assy rev A, S.N A-103.
        transceiver: Interlan NA1010
        driver: @(#)if_de.c 7.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/86

It does appear that nobody else has seen this, so I'm still a little
puzzled. Someone did mention that Interlan shipped some bad cards
about five years ago which had a similar problem. Our card is
at least that old. Anyway, I've quite worrying about it and just
replaced it with a DEUNA, since we have plenty of those.

Thanks to all who responded.


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