Re: Interlan drops a byte?

Pierre LAFORGUE (mcvax!inria!imag!
23 Aug 88 15:24:27 GMT

In article <> (Fletcher Mattox) writes:
>Has anybody else seen a 4.3BSD VAX with an Interlan Ethernet interface
>drop a byte of data? Well, that's what we're seeing.
>For example, if you
> % rsh remotehost cat 183_byte_file
>and the remotehost is a 4.3/Interlan host, the rsh will fail.

Your report is not very accurate; I think it depends of the Interlan
Here, we are using the both types: NI1010A and NP100. Both work well (I tried
your test, of course).
May be your problem comes from your software driver. For instance, the original
BSD4.3 NP100 driver was bugged.
You may ask Un. of Berkeley for the updated driver.

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