Keith McCloghrie (kzm@TWG.COM)
Fri, 26 Aug 88 18:39:29 -0700

There is some question about how long SGMP will be around. It is
being replaced by SNMP, the specification for which has just been
published as RFC 1067. Yesterday's official annoucement (from Jon
Postel/Joyce Reynolds) stated :

  "This memo specifies a draft standard for the Internet community.
  TCP/IP implementations in the Internet which are network manageable
  are expected to adopt and implement this specification."

The concept of a "draft" standard is new to the Internet community,
but the latter sentence leaves no room for doubt about what conformant
TCP/IP vendors must do.

Note that whereas SGMP (as its name implies) was aimed at managing
IP gateways, SNMP uses the set of variables (called the MIB - the
Management Information Base) specified by RFC-1065/1066. This set
not only includes just about all the gateway-specific and common
variables of SGMP, but also adds an initial set of host-specific
variables (e.g. TCP and UDP objects). As a result, many more
vendors are already implementing SNMP for gateways and for hosts,
than ever implemented SGMP.


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