25 Aug 88 12:51:00 GMT

There is a product called BLAST (and BLAST II) sold by Communications
Research Group (800-242-5278 or 504-923-0888). It is an asynchronous file
transfer package akin to XMODEM and Kermit. Their literature claims it is far
more robust ("error-free" read error correction) and higher performance than
either of the above. It is full duplex and uses a sliding window protocol and
one spot in their literature says it is X.25 and ISO compatible so maybe the
sliding window stuff is borrowed from X.25.

I don't think it has anything to do with TCP/IP at all although you could
probably run it over a Telnet or Rlogin connection.

Our company sells it on our Un*x boxes, I personally have never used it so
cannot verify or deny its functionality or performance.

Hope this helps.


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