TCP/IP for big, big Blue

Andy Liwen (ocsmd!
26 Aug 88 18:24:48 GMT

We are looking for _high speed_ connections to an IBM, big iron, type
main frame, via TCP/IP / EtherNet, from a SUN or like processor. The
data we need to transfer must move faster than the 56Kb rate available
to the majority of "line" type connections we have found. Either
vanilla ethernet or token-ring seem to be the fastest connections viable
for the big blue beast.

What we are seeking help on is software TCP/IP access from the big blue
iron and hardware alternatives. We have only confirmed IBM (gag) token
ring availability on the blue end. We would like to consider ethernet
alternatives for blue also.

If any one has leads, connections, or products in this area, e-mail
replys would really be appreciated.

//Andy Liwen

uucp : ..uunet!ocsmd!andy
bitnet : snail : Online Computer Systems
internet : 20251 Century Blvd.

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