Multiple TCP/IP servers on one Host.

Martin Holland (mcvax!ukc!stc!idec!prlhp1!
20 Aug 88 19:13:43 GMT

I have an 8 port Micom TCP/IP terminal server with all ports set to slave mode
connected to a non-TCP/IP host. This setup allows TCP/IP hosts access to a non
TCP/IP host over Ethernet. I now need to add more ports, and intend buying
another 8 port server to add to the first. Now the problem. The first server
is accessed by name and all the ports are treated as a "hunting group". How
can I add a second server without giving it a different name and internet
number so the user will not have to try each server in turn to find a vacant
port? Is there any way, transparent to the user, that he can "TELNET server1"
and if the first server is all in use automatically "TELNET server2"?

Martin Holland.

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