KA9Q with MOCOM NI5010

Guus van der Wal (mcvax!hp4nl!dutrun!rcdswal@uunet.uu.net)
25 Aug 88 10:22:44 GMT

This must have been asked many times before, but I began to
use Ethernet only recently.
I have a MICOM interlan NI5010 ethernet adapter in my IBM pc/at.
I also have Phil Karn's KA9Q TCP-IP software. The KA9Q docs
only talk about the 3COM 3C500 ethernet card.

Is there anybody out ther who has (made) KA9Q working with MICOM ??
Thanks in advance

Guus van der Wal
Computing Centre Technical University Delft
USEnet:	USEnet:	rcdswal@dutrun
BITnet:	BITnet:	rcdswal@hdetud1

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