4.3 networking bugs

James Van Bokkelen (jbvb@vax.ftp.com)
Thu, 25 Aug 88 13:14:17 EDT

The "FIN bit with incorrect sequence number" problem appeared in some
early 4.3 tapes. There is a fix for it, which I think has been circulated
on comp.bugs.4bsd, and may be available for FTP from ucbarpa. If not,
I have a copy (pub/fin_bug.43) on vax.ftp.com. If you don't have source,
bitch at your vendor (the fix first circulated last summer).

Depending on the vintage of your 4.3, there are a number of other bugs
which appear in TCP output, or cause network-related crashes. I know
of 9 of these, there may be more.

There is another bug, which I just saw: The Van Jacobsen 4.3 code which
was made public domain a few months ago sends ICMP Source Quench messages
with random values in the "code" field. I asked a friend with source, and
he says that the field is not initialized (it should always be 0).

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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