Layer 7 Protocol Converters, "Type of Service" Routing

Kwang Sung (aeras!bud!
24 Aug 88 23:58:58 GMT

Thanks everyone on the net for answering to my questions on STREAMS.
I wish you can go and see my country KOREA for 1988 summer Olympics.
As a matter of fact, Korea is the safest country like Israel.
So, don't worry, and please go and see.

I have another questions to someone on the network.

1. In order to migrate to OSI from DoD, I think, we need Layer 7
   Protocol Converters to provide interoperability for coexistence.
   Is anybody working on, or has anybody worked on those Protocol
   Converters before ?
   Please give me the name of the product.

2. I would like to know which product has already included
   "Type of Service" routing.

Thanks again, please reply to me.

Kwang Sung
Sr. Software Engineer
ARIX Corp.
UUCP: ...!sun!aeras!smaug!kwang

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