Re: Serial TCP/IP - all the same?

Ronald G Minnich (super!
24 Aug 88 14:01:27 GMT

In article <> (Paul Vixie) writes:
>Now let _me_ list another reason why this is a Good Thing. There are quite
>a few smart serial devices in the world these days. Most of the time they
>don't use any of their smarts -- getting UNIX line editing into the serial
   Second the motion. Actually there have been quite a few
systems over the years that support 'break sets' or 'tell me
when you get this character or an overflow'. A few that come to mind:
HP3000-supported 'tell me when you get a buffer terminated by x'- with timeout
DG Eclipse with their smart ALM- supported programmable break sets.
Commodore Amiga- supports 'tell me when you get a buffer terminated by x'

   Louie Mammakos' port of the Karn code uses the amiga's ability
to suck up a bunch of characters 'til you get FRAME_END. This is
a Good Thing. Saves the amiga OS a lot of work, and opens the
possibility of letting a smart chip do the job.
   The 'two escape chars. in a row' seems like a good idea till
you have to handle all the weird exception conditions...
i had never really thought about why the way SLIP does it is
such a good idea till now, but it sure is a good idea.

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