Test suite for IP based systems

William C. VerSteeg (dcatla!dnwcv@gatech.edu)
24 Aug 88 21:28:23 GMT

Is there an application program written to test IP based systems ?
Public domain code would be best, but I would consider paying for
a good test suite. I recall that somebody was trying to start a
firm for this purpose, but I never heard any hard facts about a test suite.

What I am looking for is something that I can put on a private ethernet
cable, do some minimal configuration (i.e give it some IP addresses and
the applications that I want tested), and walk away
from. I would like to come back and have a printout saying "Yes the target
knows about redirects", "The target responds to the following Telnet
negotiations properly", "The target can FTP a file at xxxxx Bytes/Sec",etc.

I need this suite for regression testing of systems that I am
modifying. It is so time consuming to make sure
nothing breaks as I add new features to my code. If such a system doesn't
exist, would anybody like to work with me to put one together?

Bill VerSteeg
Digital Communications Associates

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