Merton Campbell Crockett (mcc@ETN-WLV.EATON.COM)
Tue, 23 Aug 88 21:58:40 PDT

I remember getting a number of brochures (sp) several years ago on BLAST.
My memory may be faulty; however, as I recall they were offering an ISO
1745 based protocol package using options A, B, and C. Option C being
the transparent mode with a CRC for longitudinal integrity using either
CRC-16 or CRC-CCITT (ISO 2145?). Basically, a souped up IBM Bisynchronous
Serial Communications (BSC) protocol with a generic nameplate. It would
be a good replacement for SLIP over a long haul, multi-drop, and/or store
and foreward link--uses standard well-formed packets which can be supported
by chips such as the 68521 rather than a roll your own home-brew protocol.

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