Re: Difference between the various STREAM implementations.

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23 Aug 88 07:16:49 GMT

In article <In article <163@bud.UUCP> In article <163@bud.UUCP> kwang@bud.UUCP (Kwang Sung) writes:
>I would like know "what is the significant difference between the following
>various products in according to AT&T STREAMS Functional Specification ?".
>1. The Wollongong STREAM implementation.
>2. The Convergent STREAM implementation. ( ~ Lachman's STREAM product)
>3. The Mitre STREAM implementation. ( ~ Unisoft's STREAM product)
>4. CMC, EXCELAN STREAM implementation.
>5. Or, any other STREAM implementation, if you can think.

Me too! Me too! Especially anything to do with Unisoft!

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