Re: Van's algorithms in Streams

Tue, 23 Aug 88 08:56:45 EDT

Speaking as a commercial developer who is trying to make extensive use of
TCP/IP in a product that will eventually be required to move large images
through a network very quickly and highly reliably I would say that the more
important of the two choices (friendliness vs speed) is that one be a good

Our products perform newspaper composition - editing articles, pictures,
ads, graphics, etc, designing pages, and sending full page images to a photo
typesetter. All of this requires a fairly large bandwidth (worst case - a
newspaper page could be over 20 Megabytes and the requirement is to ship one
of these pages to the phototypesetter every minute). However, while the speed
requirement is high, that can allways be alleviated by throwing more money
at the system (buying more/bigger CPU's, etc, etc). What is important to
us (and maybe many other commercial developers/users of TCP) is that the
network be reliable. If the newspaper does not get printed then the publisher
looses his/her ad revenue for the day, etc, etc and that is millions. So,
a reliable network is more important than a fast one - even on a single local

This is only one data point but I guess that it represents a large portion
of the people who wish to integrate TCP into their products.

Frank Kastenholz
Atex/EPPS/Eastman Kodak

All opinions are mine and mine alone (etc etc etc).

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