Re: Van's algorithms in Streams

Dave Crocker (dcrocker@TWG.COM)
22 Aug 88 12:49:00 PDT

Another religious issue...

Network friendliness vs. throughput?

Clearly, any host participating in an internet needs to be a good neighbor.
Van, et cie's, combined efforts seem to provide enough mechanism to settle
the questions of "how?"

The question of whether it is more or less important that performance is,
mostly, deciding on the number of checksums that can fit on the head of a
PIN. Nonetheless, I am curious to see the dominant point of view assuming
that internet friendliness must be the answer. It presupposes a certain
kind of market.

If 90% of the marketplace is on small lans, then performance is likely to
be foremost in the customers' minds. They do little or no internetting and
therefore do not care about congestion control.

No, the current number probably is not 90%, but there is a threshold,
somewhere, that says performance needs to dominate.


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