Mon, 22 Aug 88 10:19:09 PDT

The RPI SGMP tools are available for anonymous ftp from
( The file you want is sgmp.tar.Z. It is a compressed tar file
containing the most recent working sources with bug fixes made at cisco and
Rutgers. Please note that this software is being provided as is without any
assertion as to its quality, usefulness or correctness. This code will make
core files for you if you push it too hard. However it is quite useful as
an introduction to ASN.1 and SGMP if you are persistant enough. Any bug
reports sent to me will be politely ignored. However, if you fix a bug,
please send it back for inclusion in the distribution.

Greg Satz
cisco Systems

PS. requests for sending this through the mail cannot be honoured so please
do not ask.

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