Re: tn3270 for the IBM PC??

James Van Bokkelen (
Mon, 22 Aug 88 11:27:53 EDT

Greg Minshall's spring 1987 Unix tn3270 distribution included a TN3270 for
the PC, but it was built around U-B's socket library (for their NIU card),
and used a curses package that Berkeley had done (which may not have been
generally available). This may have changed in newer releases.

FTP Software's PC/TCP has included a TN3270 since July 1987 (based on Greg's
3270 emulator). It emulates a 3278-2, and does screen redisplays quite
rapidly (1/4 sec or less). The version that will ship with v2.03 of PC/TCP
has a re-mappable keyboard, simple 4-color support, and will emulate a 3278-4
on an EGA or VGA.

IBM's TCP/IP for DOS also includes a TN3270, but I haven't seen it or
its manual. It was done at UMD under contract (based on Greg's code, I

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