Re: Interlan drops a byte?

Robert J. Reschly Jr. (reschly@BRL.MIL)
Sun, 21 Aug 88 22:24:42 EDT


   I just tried two tests against, a vax running 4.3 (plus
some tahoe code, I believe), and did not see the problem you mention.
Vgr is a Perdue implementation dual 780 and is running an Interlan
NI1010 Ethernet card. I ran the tests from a Gould 6081 connected to
the same Ethernet.

   The first test was against a file containing 90 'a's, a newline, 91
'b's, and another newline, and the second was against a file containing
183 'a's. I piped the output of the "rsh" to 'wc', and got 183 bytes
both times.

   Two questions, a) which Interlan interface are you using, and b)
do you have any other Interlan boards you can test against? Our
experience has been that, though the board is not the fastest, it has
been reliable.

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