Charles Hedrick (!!
21 Aug 88 20:12:43 GMT

The usual recommendation for SGMP is to talk to the folks at Nysernet.
An initial implementation was done at RPI. It's more or less public
(not public domain, but freely distributable). Nysernet cleaned it up
a good deal, and is selling it for a minimal cost (not enough to make
money -- just enough to cause everybody maximal administrative
overhead). They have also produced an SNMP version. cisco and
Rutgers have been playing with the original RPI code. As long as you
don't want anything sophiscated (e.g. I haven't gotten the X
window-based stuff to work), it's fine. I'm not sure how happy cisco
would be about doing free software distribution to Proteon's
customers, but you could take our copy. (However you should probably
consider Nyser's first. It's likely to be better in the long run.)
There is also a project at Berkeley that's rewriting SGMP. So far
they seem to have a subroutine library but almost no applications.

(By the way, I don't know who to contact at these Nysernet or
Berkeley, so please don't ask. At cisco, you might contact

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