Serial TCP/IP - all the same?

Dave Horsfall (munnari!otc!metro!ipso!stcns3!
19 Aug 88 03:04:57 GMT

Just a simple question - is there a single standard for TCP/IP over an
RS-232 line (SLIP?), or are there many (like Ethernet1.0/2.0/802.3 etc)?

We are trying to determine what is wrong with our serial link (a CCI
Power 6/32 running Sys V) and our local agents have never heard of a
serial TCP/IP analyser, but are willing to write a protocol module for
the famous LM-1 box. If we can provide the specs, that is.

As a last resort, I'll dig out the Tektronix 834, but decoding SNA frames
with that was bad enough, and I won't even _consider_ looking at X.25!
Hence our interest in the LM-1, if it'll do serial TCP/IP.

Many thanks for any advice...

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