Interlan drops a byte?

Fletcher Mattox (!
21 Aug 88 01:17:16 GMT

Has anybody else seen a 4.3BSD VAX with an Interlan Ethernet interface
drop a byte of data? Well, that's what we're seeing.

For example, if you

        % rsh remotehost cat 183_byte_file

and the remotehost is a 4.3/Interlan host, the rsh will fail.

If you look at a packet on the wire, say, with etherfind or tcpdump,
the IP header claims there are 223 bytes (183+40 TCP/IP headers), which
is correct. Yet there are really only 222 bytes of data in the packet.

Futhermore other file sizes fail. It appears that if (n%256 == 183)
where n is the number of bytes in the above rsh, then TCP/IP fails
because a byte is dropped from the data.

If we replace the Interlan with a DEUNA, all is as it should be.

Any ideas?

Fletcher Mattox!fletcher

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