ENOTTY running System V shl(1) with WINS/TCP-IP.

Ron Guilmette (amdahl!nsc!rfg@ames.arc.nasa.gov)
18 Aug 88 23:39:19 GMT

Has anybody ever gotten the System V shell layers program "shl" to run on
any machine which uses the Wollogong TCP-IP product (aka WINS)?

I called Wollogong and they said that this is not supported and never has been.

But I'm stubborn and I think it should be!

(We are running WINS 2.1 on System V.3.1).

The shl program works fine when used from a "real" RS-232 serial port but it
(internally) gets the errno ENOTTY when it tries to do the ioctl SXTIOCLINK
operation if the "controlling" "terminal" is actually an rlogin'd pty.
This causes "shl" to exit with the message "not using a tty device".

We tracked this into the kernel and found out that the "sxt" driver was
returning the ENOTTY because of the fact that there was no "struct tty"
pointer in the cdevsw[] table entry for the major device number of the
/dev/ttypX devices. We were able to fix that up easily because there
was already an array of "struct tty" things allocated to hold "tty" style
information for the pty's. So we just forced the name of that array into
the proper entry in our conf.c file and relinked the kernel.

Now it doesn't get ENOTTY anymore, but "shl" gets hung up inside of the sxt
driver somewhere.

Does anybody have a fix?

Ron Guilmette
National SemiConductor
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