Re: mbuf leaks

Larry Wall (jpl-devvax!
18 Aug 88 22:57:57 GMT

In article <2881@ttidca.TTI.COM> (Michael Bloom) writes:
: Can anyone suggest good techniques for tracking down mbuf leaks?

I don't know if this is still valid, but in 4.2 I split up the DATA mbuf
type into twenty-some-odd different types of mbufs, depending on where they
were allocated. After tweaking netstat to show which DATA type, it was easy
to see which allocator didn't have a matching deallocator. Generally
that was sufficient to deduce the location of the leak. Sometimes a
judicious printf or two helps as well, just so you don't go overboard.
Generally you want to hide a printf behind a debugging variable you can
turn on and off with adb.

There may be better tools to diagnose this by now...

Larry Wall

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