Re: MAC II timing on ethernet ?

Ragnar Sundblad (mcvax!enea!kth!draken!
16 Aug 88 19:59:17 GMT

In article <In article <3950005@wdl1.UUCP> In article <3950005@wdl1.UUCP> holmes@wdl1.UUCP (Randy D. Holmes) writes:
> I was wondering if anybody could get me started in the right direction
> in a search for some timing stats. I'm trying to find out how fast
> a Mac II can transfer a large amount (1M+) of data to a second Mac II
> on an ethernet with various currently available configurations.
> Tests from RAM to RAM would be ideal, but at this point I'll settle
> for anything. I have contacted Kinetics, 3Com, and Apple, but nobody
> will admit to any bench marks. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

I made some stupid programs to benchmark ethernet bridges with MacIIs.
One of them just sends ethernet packets at the highest speed possible,
the other just receives and counts them.
With these I got 98-99 percent, meaning ~1.24MByte/s.
The NUBUS and MacII should have no troubles keeping this speed.
The bottleneck is usually the ethernet driver, not the hardware.

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