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>Subject: THANKS!!
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>To all the wonderfully kind people out their in TCP/IP land who helped
>me gather beginners info.
>Thank you, I received a great deal of helpful information and have finally
>digested it and am moving on to the reading list I was sent. I really
>appreciated all of the feedback and wanted you all to know I thought it
>was great that so many of you responded to my queries.
> Emily D. Farnham
> code 2861.7
> Naval Research Laboratory
> Washington, D.C.
   Would you be interested in "sharing" the TCP/IP "beginners info"
that you recieved from the net?
   If yes, mail it directly to me: If yes, mail it directly to me: ted@NADC.ARPA. If no, thanks
   For now,
                  Ted Calkins ( ted@NADC.ARPA )

NADC = Naval Air Development Center
       Warminster, PA

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