BOF on SLIP at Interop 88 -- Thurs Sept 19th.

the tty of Geoff Goodfellow (geoff@Fernwood.MPK.CA.US)
Tue, 16 Aug 88 15:40:09 PST

There will be a birds of a feather session on SLIP at the InterOP '88 Conference
Thursday Sept 29th after the formal sessions conclude.

If you have SLIP hackery to share, please contact me. I'd like to schedule
a few 10 minute presentations at the start of the BOF on interesting works
involving SLIP, completed or in progress.

Topics might be: dynamic dial-up SLIPing / SLIP header compression / SLIP
security & authentication / itinerant host SLIPing / SLIP built into modems /
SLIP over Value Added Networks / Etc / other suggestions welcomed...

Geoff Goodfellow
Anterior Technology
(415) 328-5615
Interop is soliciting topics for other BOF sessions. If you feel you have a
topic of interest, contact Advanced Computing Environments at (415) 941-3399
to schedule a discussion during the conference.

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