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9 Aug 88 18:12:00 GMT

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> 3. University of Michgan had a client version of NFS for the Mac at last
> years Sun Connectathon. Don't think they ever fielded it.
> 4. Peter Honeyman (one of the authors of HoneyDanBer uucp?) led a project
> that put tcp/ip and NFS on Macs, under contract to Apple.
> Apple has the software now; it's unclear when if ever they will release it.

Here at university of michigan, we had been using (testing, etc.) the
CITI MacNFS. Both 3 & 4 were the same project-- Honeyman was project
manager for both MacIP and MacNFS.

both products are now in apple's hands.


didn't anybody mention CAP (specifically AUFS)?

it allows the unix box to act as an appleshare file server
with the advent of System 6.0's inclusion of AppleShare Client
this is a mostly free (with the exception of the kbox) alternative
to systems like tops.

-dave falkenburg
 university of michigan computer aided engineering network
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