Learning Tree Software and Internet Advertising

Mon, 15 Aug 88 08:36:22 PDT

We thought you should be made aware of the usage policies of the DDN. Read
"DDN" wherever "ARPANET" is mentioned.

The ARPANET was not designed for commercial gain such as product advert-
isement. Learning Tree Software should pursue other means of making their
products known. The following paragraphs from the DDN New User Guide, which
the DDN Network Information Center produced for the Defense Communications
Agency, summarize the purpose of the ARPANET. Note: ARPANET Traffic
originating from other networks still needs to follow the guidelines.

        The purpose of the ARPANET is to provide a facility for
        advanced packet-switched communications technologies
        research and experimental communication support of
        government-sponsored university computer science research.
        Consequently, access to, and use of, ARPANET will not be
        authorized to support operational (as opposed to
        experimental) communication requirements. Such operational
        facilities are provided for DoD users by the DDN (such as
        MILNET), and for others by public and private
        packet-switched networks (such as TYMNET or TELENET).

        Users of ARPANET may only use the network to conduct the
        official business for which their access was authorized.
        They must not violate privacy or any other applicable laws,
        and must not use the network for private gain or for
        commercial purposes, such as advertising or recruiting.


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