Re: Van Jacobson's Algorithm for AT&T Stream Implementations

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5 Aug 88 16:18:01 GMT

In article <In article <160@bud.UUCP> In article <160@bud.UUCP> kwang@bud.UUCP (Kwang Sung) writes:
>I am curious that whether we can apply Van Jacobson's Algorithm to
>AT&T Stream TCP/IP implementations easily.

Lachman's System V STREAMS TCP has been shipping with Van's TCP (as
well as the latest UCB IP and UDP fixes) since June. Van's algorithms
were easy to integrate into our code. The fact that we run over STREAMS
had no impact at all.

At the performance seminar in May, a great deal of material was handed
out that described these enhancements. Perhaps ACE has extra copies
that you could obtain from them.

Their address is:

        Advanced Computing Environments
        480 San Antonio Rd, Suite 100
        Mountain View, CA 94040

Hope this helps...

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