Summary: Proxy ARP on SUN
Sat, 13 Aug 88 09:47:41 EDT

>In article <>, (Barry Shein) writes:
>> I wrote a proxy arp based upon Sun's rarpd server ...
>Could someone please explain what is "proxy arp"?
>Thanks in advance.
>FullName: Dennis Bednar

I'll be explaining it at a talk at Interop88...ok, ok, that's not
what you wanted to hear.

In short, a non-subnet host will broadcast an ARP for a host that's
actually on another subnet and won't hear it (why?) A proxy arp daemon
responds with the hardware address of the gateway the packets should
be sent to (possibly, but not necessarily, itself.) The original host
doesn't know better and sends subsequent traffic to that gateway which
then forwards the packets appropriately.

See, I believe, RFC's 925 and 1027. Doug Comer's latest text also has
a section on it.

        -Barry Shein

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