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9 Aug 88 23:46:37 GMT

In article <>, german@UXH.CSO.UIUC.EDU (Gregory German) writes:
> Here is a list of PC-NFS prices FYI. I just thought I would point out the
> $995 price for the PC included an ethernet card.
> PC-NFS-3C-51 Media, Manual and Board: $995 (1-4 copies) - $645 (250+ copies)
        Yes, and $900 buys you NFS client, telnet, ftp and a Lance
        based shared memory Ethernet card for the Amiga.

        If you want to buy 250+ copies of AmigaNFS, I'm sure Ameristar
        will happily beat the $645 price too :-).

> You can get down to about $100/copy of the software with right to copy
> options if you are heavy (500+) use.
> I have not checked recently, but the board included was the 3COM 3C501
> last time I checked. (Sept. 1987)
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Sorry this turned somewhat commercial. This original posting was meant
to be informational.

                                        Rick Spanbauer
                                        Ameristar Technology

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