Re: IEEE 802.2, 802.3 & Ethernet questions

Casey Leedom (!casey@CS.UCLA.EDU)
12 Aug 88 00:09:38 GMT

In article <> (Charles Hedrick) writes:
> IEEE did one of those wonderful political numbers on us and changed the
> type field to a length field. They then added 802.2 which has ways to
> figure out what the packet is about.

  So just how complicated is this predicate that figures out what type of
packet has been received. It's got to be more complicated than simply
doing a case statement based on a type field.

  A prevoius article on this subject also mentioned the political nature
of this design decision. It stated that IEEE wanted everyone to be at
equal disadvantage. Does this make it right to make a bad design?

> Mostly TCP/IP implementors have ignored 802.2 and continued to use the
> Ethernet type code rather than the length code that 802.3 describes.

  Did you mean that second IEEE number (802.3 near the end of the sentence)
to be 802.2? I'm still not exactly sure what the differences between
802.2 and 802.3 are, but I don't want to waste any more of your or the net's
time. Thanks for the info.


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