Carl Beame (att!chinet!mcdchg!clyde!watmath!utgpu!utzoo!yunexus!maccs!beame@ucbvax.Berkeley)
10 Aug 88 17:04:49 GMT

     We are currently involved in the creation of the commercial product
   BW-NFS, an implementation of Network File System for the PC (client version).
   Now that the alpha-test stage is complete, we are looking for interested
   parties to participate in beta-testing.

     The physical requirements are PCs with 3Com 3C501 ethernet cards,
   and DOS 3.x. Servers which implement NFS, RPC and XDR and have a C
   compiler are a must.

        - Carl Beame

          ... !uunet!attcan!utzoo!utgpu!maccs!beame
          (416) 648-6556

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