Summary: Proxy ARP on SUN
Thu, 11 Aug 88 14:01:28 +0200

Barry Shein writes:
   Some of my tardiness in replying to people is explained by the fact
   that I am currently changing jobs and just haven't been around, I'm
   catching up (gee, these net requestors are harsh taskmasters!)

Uh, I probably am guilty of some harshness, especially in my letter to
Murakami that got forwarded to this list. I really am sorry for my
wording, and I apologise.

To follow up on Barry's good news section:

I've completed my proxy arp daemon for SunOS 3.[345], with README file
and man page (based on Barry's -- thanks Barry!). I'll probably get
around to submitting my code to SunSpots for inclusion in their
sun-source archive. However, as it usually takes some time between
things get submitted to they make it to the archive, I propose that it
should be FTP'able also. For those of you in a hurry, you can pick it
up from (IP:, in ~ftp/pub/proxyarpd.shar.
It's only ~26KBytes. However, for most of you this is the other side
of the Atlantic, so don't expect too god performance...

Unfortunately, we'll (temporarily, but for at least 2 months) lose our
internet connection this coming monday (August 15th), so I'll send a
copy off to Barry and ask him to put it in their anonymous FTP area.


Haavard Eidnes, Division of Computer Systems and Telematics
                Norwegian Institute of Technology, N-7034 Trondheim, Norway
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