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Thu, 11 Aug 88 23:20:22 -0500

> We just completed a DRAFT of a technical report with the abstract
> enclosed. If you would like a copy to review, please send me a note.
> I want to mention that this report does not contain any quantitative
> analysis, and has only qualitative reasoning to support the claims.

               Comments on Proposed Transport Protocols

                             Anil Bhatia
                            James Sterbenz
                            Guru Parulkar

Well, I received over 70 requests in last two days asking for copies of
this report. To avoid mailing those many copies, I have decided to
make it available via anonymous ftp. Could you please retrieve this
via ftp to ? In case you cannot, please send me (or to another note, and we'll send you a printed copy.
I guess the abstract seems to have raised the expectations too much!?

In any case, we'll appreciate your comments on the report.

The details for anonymous ftp are

Host - (
File name in pub directory - cotp.tar or cotp.tar.Z
                              (cotp = comments on transport protocols)
When you do uncompress and untar, you will get four files:
  cotp.tex - in LaTeX format
  bib.tex - bibliography to go with cotp.tex - figure in postscript form - figure in postscript form


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