Re: FTP questions.
Thu, 11 Aug 88 09:53:43 PDT

        Bob, thanks for clearing up some of my misconceptions. I realize
        now that the EOR bit in block mode is useful for page structure.

Apparently we are still not communicating. Page structure is irrelevant.

Suppose you have a file that is a sequence of records; call them
(C1,D1), (C2,D2), (C3,D3)..., where the Ci's are the control information that
the local operating system uses to delimit records (typically a count and
maybe some flag bits), and Di's are the ACTUAL DATA parts of the
records. To transmit this file using FTP, you would transmit: D1, EOR,
D2, EOR, D3, EOR... where the EOR flags are transmitted as specified by
the FTP protocol, eg in block mode in the block headers. The local
operating system control fields are NOT transmitted, only the data parts

Bob Braden

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