Re: FTP questions.

Thu, 11 Aug 88 09:25:05 EDT

Bob, thanks for clearing up some of my misconceptions. I realize
now that the EOR bit in block mode is useful for page structure.

I'm still a little confused about when it is permissible to keep
the data connection open.

[in stream mode]
>> Why is it necessary to close the data connection even though
>> EOF is indicated in the structure.

> It isn't necessary. Section 3.2 discusses at some length when the connection
> has to be closed. For block mode, it is the server's option.

My question about when to close the data connection stems from section
3.3 where it says:
"When using the stream mode of data transfer, the end of file must be
indicated by closing the connection."

I guess that is pretty straight forward, but if EOF can be determined
from the structure, it seems a shame to have to close the connection
to signal EOF again.

> Bob Braden
                            Thanks for the help.

                        Joe Herman

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