Summary: Proxy ARP on SUN

Barry Shein (
Wed, 10 Aug 88 09:22:01 EDT

(quite a CC: list, oh well.)

Here's the deal:

I wrote a proxy arp based upon Sun's rarpd server which has been in
production here at BU for over a year. The mainline is definitely
Sun's but I call out to a bunch of routines which I wrote and put in a
separate file, mainly the logic like "does this packet need a proxy
rarp?" and the formatting of the reply and read-in of a table of
networks to do Proxy arp for.

So I've distributed it only as the .o (binary) of Sun's stuff and my
added sources for relinking with a makefile and manual page.

Some folks reported problems, the bit shift thing can be easily fixed
but the "unaligned read" is a little mysterious (gee, works here,
same machine, same OS, I'll have a look.)

I don't believe any of this will work under Sun O.S. 4.0 (at least one
try to recompile indicated some things had changed and 4.0 sources
might be needed to make it work again.)

So it's a little shaky at best, got me thru the night.

Some of my tardiness in replying to people is explained by the fact
that I am currently changing jobs and just haven't been around, I'm
catching up (gee, these net requestors are harsh taskmasters!)

The good news is this:

A) I'll put what I have up for anonymous FTP soon, anyone that has
a copy of my stuff should of course feel free to redistribute as
stated above, binary of the mainline etc., as I distributed it.

B) Haavard Eidnes claims to have completely written a new Proxyd from
scratch based on my basic design (not the Sun sources) and I assume
will make all sources available. He recently asked if he could just
re-work the manual page I distributed and of course I said yes
(Haavard: if you still haven't gotten my permission here it is again,
if I didn't want people using my stuff I wouldn't give it out!)


You should probably wait for B) to become available and that will
solve all sorts of problems. My Proxyd kind of got out there by
accident when someone mentioned I had given them a copy on one of the
major lists. I knew it was a bit kinky and never really intended it
for wide distribution nor thought all the problems could be worked out
w/o a complete re-write due to its being based on the Sun rarpd (tho
it was a good idea at the time, it was up in an hour or two.)

And, of course, you might also consider Sun's product.

Also, as I understand it you can get some limited amount of proxy
arping by just sticking published arptab entries in with /etc/arp
under SunOS or 4.3 (and probably others.) That's a limited hack as
it's per-host rather than per-network so either you need large tables
or small networks, but I thought I'd mention it.

        -Barry Shein

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