Re: Summary: TCP/IP and NFS for the Mac

Phil R. Karn (thumper!
10 Aug 88 19:23:50 GMT

There has apparently been some confusion regarding the status of my
TCP/IP package. As it very clearly states when you bring it up, it is
copyrighted by myself. Although I have granted to noncommercial users
(including university and amateur radio groups) the right to use, copy
and modify it for free, this does not in any way diminish my other
rights under copyright, nor does it place the package into the public

I am well aware that my policy of openly publishing my sources makes it
much harder, as a practical matter, to keep commercial users from
abusing my copyright restriction. It has also probably diminished the
commercial value of the software. However, very early on I decided
that, despite this risk, open publication was essential to maximize the
benefit to the amateur radio community for which the package is
primarily intended.

Although most of the code in the package is by myself, certain sections
have been contributed by other amateurs with the same understanding:
free for noncommercial use only. The authors of these sections are
identified by comments in their respective source files.

I ask others to respect the wishes of myself and the other authors in
this matter. Thank you.

Phil Karn, KA9Q

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