FTP questions.

Wed, 10 Aug 88 17:19:18 EDT

I have some questions about FTP. Why is there an EOR indication in the
descriptor code for block mode? If you are sending record oriented data
then you are presumably using a record structure which already defines
its EOR indication. If you are not sending record oriented data then
why do you need to determine EOR? Is it correct to duplicate the EOR
information if you are using a record structure in block mode? This
seems to be so, but I'm seeking reassurance.

Does the EOR in block mode indicate that at most one record per block
may be sent?

I like the fact that you don't need to close the data connection when
transfering in block or compressed mode since there is an EOF indication.
When using page or record structures in stream mode, it is possible to detect
EOF (since it is part of the descriptor info) even though the mode
is stream. Why is it necessary to close the data connection even though
EOF is indicated in the structure.

I have the nagging feeling that I'm missing something basic, like EOF
descriptors are optional in record descriptors or EOR is optional in block
descriptors. Can someone enlighten me? Please?


                        Joe Herman
                        PC/IP @ Maryland

P.S. Does anyone know of any machine I can test block mode and record
      structure against? IBM VM/TCP will do block mode but only
      stream structure and 2.4 Ultrix does neither...


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