Summary: Proxy ARP on SUN

ken-ichiro murakami (
Wed 10 Aug 88 10:22:44

I recently asked Mark<> for info about
Proxy ARP on SUN. He kindly forwarded to TCP-IP mailing-list, and I
received many helpful responses. I modified and summarized these
responses. Mark, George, Bill, Celeste, Greg and Haavard, thank you
very much for your help. I hope this summary also helps other net

(1) Barry Shein<>'s proxy ARP daemon

> From: "George M. Jones" <>

> I have Sun 3 (or possibly 4) binary and man page for Barry Shein's
> proxy arp daemon, but you will have to contact him directly about
> source.

(2) "consulting special product" from Sun

> From: Bill Nowicki <>
> From: "Celeste C. Stokely" <>
> From: Greg Earle <earle@mahendo.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>

> Proxy ARP is available as a "consulting special product" from Sun
> Software Support. If you are in the USA, you can call
> 1-800-USA-4-SUN and request it. If you are not in the USA, you can
> probably get it from the technical support people in your Sun sales
> office.
> The author, David Robinson, has made it available for anonymous FTP
> from elroy.JPL.NASA.GOV as well as (I believe) the ~ftp/pub
> directory on uunet.UU.NET. I should warn you that Sun's code is
> basically David's, with perhaps minor modifications. Note that the
> code is for SunOS 3.4 or SunOS 3.5. There is no support for SunOS
> 4.0 as of yet.

(3) From: Haavard Eidnes IDT <>

> I just happen to have written such a program. It will run on SunOS
> 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 -- the SunOS 4.0 code for using NIT is different, and
> I haven't got any SunOS 4.0 machines here yet.
> I tried out Barry Shein <>'s program, proxyd, but
> could not make Barry's proxyd work for me. It stopped with the
> error message "badly aligned read" after a small number of packets
> (when started with the '-d' option, at least). Besides, Barry's
> program is only partly delivered in source form, and a comment in
> there seemed to indicate that it was specific for class B subnetted
> hosts. Also, there was a shift in there somewhere (>>8) that should
> not be there -- I reported it to Barry, but got the usual silence...

> As my program stands now, it has a couple of mis-features that I
> intend to weed out before I let the net have it (I intend to
> distribute it freely). I have not yet created a man page for my
> program -- I thought of using Barry Shein's ,and asked him for
> permission. He hasn't responded yet.
> I intend also to complete the distribution with a README file before
> I let it loose on the net.

> Sorry, no documentation yet, but you can largely use Barry's man
> page, except that you can't have comments anywhere on a line of the
> /etc/proxytab file, only in the first column.
> Good luck! Please report back to me if you find bugs or implement
> enhancements (diff -c2 is preferred for updates/changes).

Again, thank you very much for your help.


        Ken-ichiro Murakami
        NTT Laboratories
        Tokyo, Japan

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