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Mark Boolootian (
10 Aug 88 00:45:17 GMT

  I am in need of some information and am hoping to obtain a few pointers from
a few kindly souls.  I'm a neophyte in this realm (networking) so please bare
with me.
  We are in the	process	of trying to gateway a net implemented with TCP/IP to
another	net that is of our own design.	The gateway will be provided by	a
VAX.  I	have been given	the task of modifying the ftp server to	speak our own
homegrown protocol, thus creating what seems to	me to be an "ftp gateway."
  I don't want to even begin to	fumble around with my ideas of what is involved
as my thoughts aren't very clear at this moment	(nor at	any other, for that
matter).  What I'm hoping is that some of you might steer me in	a direction
where I	can read about ftp (and	the ftp	server)	and get	some practical
knowledge about	what all is involved here.  Sorry if this seems	open-ended
and vague but that is currently	where where my head resides.

Please E-Mail replies and don't post to the net. I'm a long ways behind on reading this newgroup and I might never find the reply. Thanks in advance for any help.



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